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Video Marketing

The use of video for building trust, authority, branding and traffic generation

What purpose does video serve in marketing?
Video marketing has proved itself to be, one of the most efficient and practical digital tools for use in branding, generating interest in your offer, building more trust with users, driving traffic to a site, capturing more targeted leads, building a subscriber community, as well as gain higher ground in search results.

What you get with a video marketing service

  • Web Video Production

    If you don’t yet have videos produced previously, we offer different video styles suitable to your product or service. From motion graphics videos, whiteboard animations and slide based videos to the more sophisticated explainer type videos, we do it all in a professional and timely manner.

  • Channel Creation

    We set up video channels on most popular video portals.

    We also custom design your channel background graphics. If you have a web ready digitized company logo, we may also properly incorporate that with the design, along with a link to your site address and description about your organization.

  • Keyword Research and Optimization

    Your video is most likely made to target a specific market. That’s why we will make sure to name, tag, describe and classify each video appropriately, so that it will be faster to rank on search engines and also easier to be found when related keyword searches are made by your target market.

    We shall also take necessary measures to make sure your videos are listed quickly on popular search engines.

  • Distribution to Social Media Channels

    We post your video to all social media channels that may be appropriate to your type of business and also embed the video link on your site, in order to bring in traffic from these properties.

    If you don’t yet have presence on important social platforms, check out our social media management services.


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