Animated explainer video production, whiteboard animation and motion graphic design videos with a clear message and a friendly tone that captures the hearts and minds of your audience!

You may have already reached to the conclusion of how important it is to consider video production for your business or organisation just by seeing the sheer amount of videos posted daily online by thousands of businesses. You hear or read about it in the news or on trusted blogs and tell yourself I should be doing it too.

But maybe you still can’t decide on the type and style of video production that may be appropriate for your case. Or you may have other concerns like costs involved or being sold into services you don’t need.

Whatever your concerns may be, you’ll discover how simple, straight forward and non pushy we are from the get go.


We shall be transparent with you every step of the way as soon as we receive a video production quote request from you.


  • We start off by understanding your goals and the exact results you want to achieve with the video(s) you want us to produce.


  • If you already have a ready made script and know exactly what you want, we will send you an exact quote and not just a rough estimate.


  • If you need help deciding about what type of video would be suitable for your case, we will simply give our advice to help you decide and not push you in one way or another as there are many options, types and styles of videos that we are capable of producing. And every style serves a purpose.


  • If you’ve been impressed by a certain video style somewhere online and would want something close to it, we can always do our best to produce a close match.


  • We may be as much involved in the process as you want us to be or we may strictly follow your directions.


  • If you have a ready made script, we will follow it to a T. If you ask for our honest opinion about any possible improvements, we’d be more than happy to assist.


  • If you have no script or no means to make one, we will ask you some thought provoking questions in an effort to understand your offer, your product or service or your cause or purpose better. And after brainstorming with you, we would assign our professional copywriter to prepare the preliminary script.


  • At this stage, we are able to give you an exact quote, since the script has all the information that would help us assess the time, assets and content needed to produce the video.


  • We send you a quote waiting for your approval which in turns becomes a partial invoice with a payment request of 50% of the total bill. After receiving the payment, we send the final script for your approval.


  • We now have a base to build our storyboard upon. If you see a need for any modifications with the script we would certainly follow your instructions and prepare a modified script for as many times as needed.


  • After your final approval of the script we assign our voice over artist to record the VO. and we start producing the storyboard. Once the voice over is ready, we send it over again for your approval.


  • We produce the video and send you a request for the remaining balance payment, after which we send you the final deliverable video.


  • If there’s still any need for minor modifications afterwards, you would have 30 days available after the final delivery, as long as we follow the approved script.


Request a Ballpark Quote!

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