Explainer Video Production

The highly popular promotional video production style

What are Animated Explainer Videos Exactly?

For those instances where you’re having difficulty explaining your ideas or complex concepts, explainer videos simplify the audience reach process by combining animated characters, motion infographics, animation and motion graphics, background sound, sound effects and narration, and educate, explain or promote anything through a compelling visual storytelling style.

Animated video explainers as some may call it, are widely used in promotional or marketing videos by startups who are new on the scene and looking for visibility and an effective way to broadcast their mission message, while established companies use explainer videos to introduce and promote new products or services not yet known to the public.

Animated explainer videos rival and surpass TV advertising in terms of raising awareness, successful branding, viewer engagement and cost effectiveness, using a simplified, easily digestible, clever and humorous narrative.

Our Process of Making Animated Explainer Videos

  • Defining Goals

    Every form of digital content in marketing is geared towards serving a definite purpose and achieving a certain goal or more. It is the cornerstone of the whole campaign and therefor a priority step in preparing an animated explainer script and storyboard.

    You should have a precise goal in mind if not more than one. We can only help in achieving those goals in this case by taking necessary steps in producing a professional video.

  • Identifying the Target Market

    You care to explain more to interested parties and potential prospects more than to others who care less about the advantages your product or service offers.

    At this stage, we do our proper research and find the best matching personas, to make sure to include additional engaging content in the animated explainer content for that specific audience.

  • Creating the Script and Storyboard

    Building on information gathered in previous steps, we begin the scripting process focusing on the desired outcome expected from your audience and the type of exact action users should take at the end of viewing the explainer video. We make sure viewers remain engaged and enjoy watching every second of the video from the time they press play and till the end where a call to action awaits.

    Next, we may optionally turn the script into a detailed visual storyboard that defines each consecutive scene, animated character/s and graphic assets and all instances and  interactions on the video explainer screen.

  • Audio and Video Creation

    After your approval of the explainer storyboard, and your choosing of the narrator gender and voice character and preferred accent type, we start the audio and video assets creation process.

    This is the part where creativity rules and every tiny detail is considered, to make the explainer animation smooth, coherent, captivating and most importantly conversion optimized.

  • Explainer Video Final Product Delivery

    After you preview the final animated video explainer and are completely satisfied with the outcome, we deliver you the video in the MP4 format, using H264 codec, which is the most compatible codec for all web platforms that you may want to use on and also for the fact it can be played on most devices.

    If you have any different format needs, just inform us before delivering you the final video and we shall gladly accommodate.

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