Award Winning Video Explainers and High Quality Whiteboard Animation Videos

ClikArt is a Google, Microsoft and Hubspot Certified Digital Marketing Boutique Agency, Helping Businesses Improve Their Online Bottom Line, Using Digital, Social, Search, Email and Video Marketing Channels
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Award Winning Video Explainers and High Quality Whiteboard Animation Videos

ClikArt is a Google, Microsoft and Hubspot Certified Boutique Agency, Helping Businesses Improve Their Online Bottom Line, Using Digital, Social, Search, Email and Video Marketing Channels
Solutions & Benefits

Successful promotions and marketing campaigns require careful planning and strategies and also tools that would help you stand out and beat the competition.

Our different types of web video production types like, explainer videoswhiteboard animation videos and video sales letters, have proved to be excellent tools to promote ideas and market products and services in a much more persuasive way, while also raising awareness and immediately becoming more visible in a crowded marketplace, without spending a fortune.

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Most businesses stress about having a website designed in a way that stands out in terms of aesthetics and modern visual appeal, often forgetting the importance of site loading speed, functionality, mobile user friendliness and responsiveness etc., which are all equally important factors.

That being said, a pretty and useless business website still remains pretty useless. Not to mention a waste of precious time, money and opportunities.

Web designers are a dime a dozen nowadays.

So before considering who may design the best and cheapest site, it would make more sense to consider who may help your business grow faster and who would go the extra mile to help you not only return your investment but make your online business flourish.

In fact, it’s the unseen part of our developed sites that gives your web based business it’s true advantage and value.

In simpler terms, behind the visible part of your site, we help you build an automated marketing intelligence data gathering system that would allow you to understand visitor navigation patterns and actions they take on your site.

That in return would help monitor and analyze customer experiences and expectations, so you may adjust your site content and align your offers and promotions accordingly.

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Digital marketing is a powerful means by which, companies are able to identify, reach and attract audiences to promote products or services, using various methods and digital technologies like;

  • Search keyword research
  • Competition analysis
  • Claiming online directory listings
  • Citations development
  • Online reputation assessment
  • Search and display Advertising
  • Conversion tested landing pages
  • Marketing funnels
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Marketing through videos, articles and slide shares
  • Audience Building through social media platforms. And the list goes on…

But what’s even more exciting about digital vs traditional marketing is, using different tools and techniques, we’re able to precisely tell, how, where, when and why a targeted prospect is reacting in a certain way, whether outside or inside our site zone, instead of simply guessing.

Now that’s incredible power that should not be taken lightly. Used wisely, it would change the whole game of marketing.

And though the intelligence gathering tools that we use, come at a high price, the return on investment makes it worthwhile both for our core business intelligence insight as well as our clients’. And all the critical information that we need to make informed decisions without simply guessing, is thanks to this system we’ve put together, that runs like clockwork behind the scenes.

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ClikArt’s debut in 1998 was in Montreal, Canada under the “Video & Multimedia” umbrella.

Our main clientele were from the special occasions videos category, like engagements, weddings, baptisms, etc.

In 2004, we expanded into the corporate video world, as demand grew for online videos for businesses.

This was an era where DVD was still king and we were producing multimedia content on the media, while Blu ray technology was barely 2 years old.

In 2008, we decided to settle on web only video production, as demand grew higher and for the fact it required less logistical effort, relative to offline video production.

So fast forward today, we still produce even more amazing corporate videos, optimized for websites.

From motion design, kinetic typography and whiteboard animation videos to the more sophisticated explainer videos, we excel in making visual content that helps educate, promote ideas and introduce and sell products and services in a simplified, entertaining and effective manner.

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Do you have a way of knowing if your site content or offers are relevant to your prospects?

Can you tell why your competitors are ranking high on search engines and your site is not?


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