Web Video Production

We produce excellent video explainers, animated whiteboard videos, video landing pages and most video types for online use

As a business, you offer products or services that your target audience needs to learn about. If your offers are simple and easy for people to comprehend, you may get away with some words and maybe an image or two to showcase what you have in store.

You may also need to train or educate your own team visually instead of handing them written manuals that most don’t even care to read. Let alone comprehend.

There are instances, where words may just not be enough to explain your point or communicate your message effectively. And that’s where a professionally scripted and story-boarded video comes into play, to simplify complex concepts and ideas and communicate in an easier and more digestible way, while also adding more impact to your message.

Video has gained incredible popularity in recent years especially online and has become a much more in demand form of education, communication, branding, promotion and advertising.

There’s also other equally important advantages to consider;

  • Audience preference: If consumers are given the choice between reading information or watching a descriptive video, the majority would embrace video as the medium of choice.
  • Price: Comparing to the simplest ad or infomercial on TV, video would cost way cheaper with higher return on investment.
  • Quicker ranking on search engines: Videos are loved by search engines and specially with Google. This alone would be an important enough reason to invest in video.
  • Social media: Just watch your Facebook timeline or most social platforms and see the amount of videos that scroll in front of your eyes. The amounts invested in video on social media platforms by companies and other organisations are in the billions and adding up.
  • Easier comprehension: It’s much easier to explain a difficult concept or an idea using visual demonstration. That’s why explainer videos or whiteboard animations have been widely used in recent years, seeing how effective they are in pitching products, services or ideas.

All these factors and still much more, make video the medium of choice for education, training, raising awareness, branding, advertising, promoting events and marketing products or services with much better return on investment, creating more impact and generating highest conversion rates.


Grâce à tous ceux-ci et à d'autres marques et clients incroyables, le travail que nous faisons est beaucoup plus significatif et gratifiant !