Social Media Management

Planning and successful conversion of fans and followers to buyers and advocates of your brand.

What is the Role of a Social Media Manager?
Social media management duties may be assigned differently across organizations, and may be either based on basic social account administration tasks, like keeping fans, prospects or clients engaged at all times, and tactfully interact with and help users whenever needed.

They may additionally be assigned the social media marketing part. In that case, following a strategic marketing plan, a social media manager handles all technicalities of marketing and advertising on social platforms and represents your company in the most professional manner.

A social media manager's responsibility surpasses that of a traditional in company manager most times, due to the nature of the many roles and duties that need to be covered.

From planning to execution and successful conversion of fans and followers to buyers and advocates of your brand, this is a truly demanding position.

What does this service cover?

  • Target Market Identification

    Using proper advanced research tools, we are able to pinpoint the personas who would be highly likely to respond positively to marketing messages that feel more personal and related to their choices and preferences.

    With a heterogeneous user base, most social media platforms already possess the most vital information about its users, which allows marketers to precisely promote to that specific audience with a much higher positive ROI (return on investment).

  • Brand development and channels setup

    • Social communications accounts set up on the most popular social platforms.
    • Custom channel branding, graphics assets (logo, creatives, videos, etc).
    • Two way linking between social property and company website.
  • Engaging visual design and brand uniform content creation

    We constantly promote brand awareness by sharing valuable and shareable branded content, that supports your company brand image in a creative manner.

    This helps build more trust and also prepares the ground for non salesy looking promotions along the value provided to users.

  • Status updates and posts scheduling

    Consistency in posting useful and meaningful content for user consumption is a key element for keeping your brand fans interested on an ongoing basis.

    Based on new important events happening within your company, we keep your clients updated periodically with news that truly matters to them, adding transparency and building more rapport.

  • Frequent conversion focused promotional campaigns

    Having all necessary user demographics information at hand, like age, gender, education level, annual income, location and more, we prepare campaigns that entices users to click their way to a professionally crafted conversion optimized landing page on your site, leading them to take a certain action.

    Depending on campaign goals, (subscribing to your list, downloading a lead magnet material, buying a product or service, etc.) we test and fine tune any part of the process, in order to achieve best conversions.


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