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Engaging content creation and use to earn traffic and brand evangelists

How Can Content Marketing Help a Site?
In the old days, in order for sites to gain visibility and quickly be ranked on search engines, webmasters used certain techniques that could game the system.

We've come a long way ever since, and great and relevant content has become the norm nowadays, to be listed higher than your competition in search engine results.

Digital content comes in many shapes and forms. It may be any material that helps add value to the consumer, be it in the form of blogging, articles, graphics, infographics, guides, white papers, free resources and videos or podcasts.

Content marketing is a form of inbound marketing that is an ongoing process.

It has in many ways replaced good old ways of advertising, and ever since online consumers developed ad blindness throughout the years, marketing with great content without being salesy has become the new norm of promoting and gaining visibility.

How we may help with content marketing

  • Content Research and Planning

    Depending on your type of business and projected goals and the purpose of the content, and based on the plan de stratégie de marketing numérique that we have as a 1st required step, we start the content and resource planning stage.

    We also evaluate any assets that you may already have at hand and see ways to put them for good use. Some creativity goes a long way here!

  • Marketing Calendar Creation

    As content marketing is an ongoing and constantly changing process, a marketing schedule calendar is a must have, to remain consistent and visible online at all times.

    We prepare a variety of unique or curated content resources schedule, depending on certain occasions, holidays, and also depending on the scope and purpose of the desired outcome.

  • Content Distribution

    Once we have the content ready, we start the distribution phase to social media channels and online directories, following the schedule created in the previous step.

    If you don’t yet have any presence on some of the important social media platforms, consider our social media management services.

  • Monitor and Measure

    After content posting and distribution, we give proper time to track and monitor how users interact with each content.

    We analyze how it’s received, and whether it’s liked or shared. We also supply a periodic report that shows level of interest, where from users are interacting with the content, their demographics, desktop, mobile or tab usage, and many other important factors.


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