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Whiteboard Animation Videos

A convenient form of promoting ideas or products and services using animation

Whiteboard Animations or Scribe Videos
Whiteboard Animation, also called video scribing or animated doodling, is a form of video presentation that uses a certain technical mix of time-lapse and stop motion video, to illustrate the illusion of animation.

Whiteboard scribing has gained popularity in recent years, as a convenient form of describing ideas and it also serves as a great tool for promoting products or services, in a simplified yet effective and less costly manner, relatively to the other alternative to this type of animated videos, like the explainer videos, which do cost relatively more to produce, but also have certain advantages in capturing a viewer's attention better and leaving a more of a lasting effect with those who watch them.

We offer a wide range of different creative styles of whiteboard and explainer type videos, using state of the art technology and talented voice over specialists, that do a great job in boosting the promotional value of your animated video and helping greatly with the conversion process.

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