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Social Media Strategy Plan

Strategic planning of each step for successful marketing on social media

Advantages and Importance of a Social Media Strategy
As you would not drive anywhere without a map in mind to where you're going, the same holds true with every aspect of marketing online or offline.

Social media marketing is no different. It requires careful planning and smart strategy, that would serve throughout the life of your campaign and for a long time thereafter.

Social media platforms offer an unsurpassed marketing ground and a virtual venue that allows a business to gain awareness, visibility, popularity, proper branding, lead capture and most importantly the opportunity to convert fans and followers into clients and advocates of your brand.

That's why it's important to be prudent and plan carefully about how best to benefit from this medium and realise the opportunities.

What's included in a Social Media Marketing Plan

  • Marketing Campaign Planning

    A marketing campaign on social media involves many factors that helps achieve the desired level of success and a higher return on your investment.

    From target audience identification to creative set up of marketing funnels and all the way to successful conversion, each step is planned and an appropriate advertising budget need is calculated.

    Your input along with our extensive research and due diligence, assures we’re on the same page at all times.

  • Identifying Your Target Market

    It’s important from the get go to identify who you can market to, like gender, demographics, local or global, social behaviour, purchase habits and many other important factors about the audience you’re trying to reach more than others.

    With your input and using advanced research and proven techniques, we cherry pick the best personas who may have higher than average potential to say yes to your offers. It may be you have a better chance with marketing to a subset of the target market you thought is ideal.

    So the first part of the marketing strategy focuses on the parties to specifically market to.

  • Audience Engagement Content Planning

    Content planned carefully, can save big time in advertising fees. It’s also paramount in engaging audiences and keeping them coming back for more.

    Relying on paid ads only and pushing your product to sell, may harm you both financially and may lead into people losing interest in your business.

    Being social on social shows the human side of your business and earns trust. Helpful and relevant content naturally attracts audiences and motivates them to share it to their friends and connections, creating free advertising in return.

  • Conversion

    Depending on marketing goals, like brand awareness increase, website traffic generation, gaining subscribers on your promotion list or any other outcome you’re trying to reach, we create funnels and plan on the prospect’s journey route step by step, to smoothly move them towards converting to your offer.

    This step demands tactful approach, a carefully crafted landing page  or a video squeeze landing page with an optin form, with an option to follow up with email marketing series setup.

  • Detailed Analysis

    Having our key metrics for performance measurement in hand, we constantly monitor and analyze how successful our methods perform over a specified period and periodically supply you with reports, so you’ll be able to assess the effectiveness and level of acceptability of your offer at all times.

    If any fine tuning is needed during the life of the campaign, we adjust any part of the marketing process, in order to improve conversions accordingly.


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