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Email Marketing

The evergreen method of effective communication, marketing and sales

Benefits of Email Marketing
Email is considered as one of the most powerful tools in marketing. Used properly, it has proved to be very effective in raising awareness, generating leads and nurturing prospects throughout each step of a customer's journey through a marketing funnel.

With all that power and popularity of the channel, misuse, abuse and spam, weakened it's top spot and email delivery became a serious issue. The CAN-SPAM act and regulations came too little too late to help the situation.

On a more positive side note, successful email marketing campaigns increasingly had to rely on granted permissions and receiver consent and if your emails get approved to land in users' inbox instead of their spam folder, you would already be a step ahead in terms of deliverability VS delivery.

It's easy to be confused between both terms, but the difference is what determines partial campaign success.

There are still a lot of other factors to consider with email marketing, like email address reputation score, relevant content, frequency of email blasts, customization, mobile audience support, etc.

But all that and more is up to us to handle. Your part is to have an idea about what's involved and simply benefit from Email Marketing campaign results.

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