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Raffi Sroujian digital marketing, web design, explainer video production specialist montreal

Thank you for your interest in ClikArt. I’m Raffi and I’m here to help you with anything technical and operational related to your online business development, digital marketing and website video production needs.

I’m a highly qualified, officially certified and experienced specialist in all aspects of multimedia and digital communications.

I founded ClikArt in 1998 in Montreal, Canada as a business offering computer assembly, sales and service, web design, video filming and editing along with multimedia services.  Consecutive other location openings followed, up to 2008, when I figured I could offer most services without the need for a brick and mortar presence. Needless to say I strongly believed in the potential of the web and had the vision to bet on it’s efficiency early on.

So in 2008, I completely changed the business model and decided to offer services only through an online presence. This helped not only eliminate unnecessary expenses but also gave more time and freedom to run a web based business.

This step also allowed me to start taking advanced courses while building my own marketing campaigns on different niche sites that I owned and started implementing my knowledge on each one, testing what works and what doesn’t, before offering online marketing consulting or services to clients.

The gained hands on experience in the real online business world, failing often and learning from costly mistakes, proved to be priceless.

Fast forward today, I’m happy for the fact I’ve been able to guide and help countless startups and established businesses alike, gain more prospects and leads and reap the benefits of their internet presence in a much smarter and more budget conscious way.

The journey through the online virtual landscape has it’s challenges too and maybe more so than in the physical world. The frequent advances in tools and technologies and changes the industry keeps going through, demands following up and remaining updated almost daily. It also requires more complex intelligence gathering by tracking visitors, analyzing clicks and observing patterns and touch-points vs a face to face interaction. It’s more like reading your site visitors’ or customers’ mindset and proving assumptions in order to improve offers and timings accordingly.

And yet there are those who like me, enjoy working in this field for the same exact challenges it offers and find that helping others succeed online is in itself the greatest reward. More exciting times ahead. Thanks again for visiting!

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